It will be first year anniversary this month shipping our Amazing Couple.. They never failed to surprise us… Sooner and Later we will see them saying their wedding vows in front of the people who truly support and love them.. I can’t wait to see Jiwon wearing a beautiful white gown with her long hair and with Binnie wearing a tuxedo with his Kim Joo Won hairstyle in their wedding ceremony..

After they get married, I will still continue shipping them till they will have a baby and grandchildren.. This is my first time to ship a couple and definitely I forsee I will never have a heartache… JB angels been through up’s and down for the past 20months. I am truly proud of you all my co-angels for being there through thick and thin… 

I somehow get disappointed, but my angels and dear friends are there to console me.. To all who gave me the information and let me know about Uri Amazing Couple( You know who you are) Thank you very much!!!!!!!….

I am always thankful to all the blogsites and fanpages:

1. Amazing Couple Hyun Bin and Ha Ji Won


3. Secret Garden Korean Drama

4. Jiwonderland

5. and many more..


My great thanks to XY baidu Angels for all their efforts and giving us information that made us fly to the moon..

To all my seniors in SegaFamily, I thank you all for giving me your trust..

To all my JB Angels- Philippines group, I am really thankful for giving our group page a lot of Spirit and being there always..

To all the admins of the FP’s, I joined with thank you for being so accommodating and answering my questions in your free time,,,

To all my JB angels friends online, Thank you very much…


Our Amazing Couple is simply amazing… I am really thankful to them for giving me the gift of friendship to each and everyone,,,