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It was a Great Thursday morning in Seoul.. One Amaing Man is so excited for his 8days vacation.. He is so happy packing his things to be brought back home… As his daily routine routine…..

Hyun Bin: (He opened his wallet and see the picture of him with Ha Ji WOn)… i will finally see you my Lovely woman..

Soldier1: Ehem.. Ehem.. our Sergeant is so excited…. kekekeke

Hyun Bin: Not just excited but “Extremely Excited” 😀

Soldier 2: We know hyung,,, It was so obvious during last night’s event.. We know you are waiting for this moment and even you marked your calendar.. hehehehe(Teased by the soldier)

Hyun Bin: ( His face turns red) Enough.. Enough.. Enough.. hehehehe… and you guys even looked my calendar..

Soldier 3: yeah hyung, and you even put a note.. “This is the moment, Jiwon” hehehehe

Hyun Bin: Hahahahaha,,, Okay enough this teasing coz i have to go.. Please take care all of you here and when I will be back I will bring something for all of you…

Soldier 1,2,3: Okay hyung, please take care of yourself too and have a Happy Vacation with your honey…!!!!

Bin just smiled so wide upon leaving the camp… while he was in the car, his bodyguard give his mobile phone and Binnie directly press the Speed Dial 1 to call his amazing Yeoja..

(Phone Ringing)

Hyun Bin: Annyeong! My lovely Yeoja!!! Are you ready??? (teased by Hyun Bin)

Ha Ji Won: hahahahaha… What a question from you my yeobo… Do you want your vertebrae become 6th?? huh!

Hyun Bin: Yay!!! My Gil Ra-Im-sshi can you do that for me????

Ha Ji Won: My Kim Joo-won-sshii, “Can I do that to you???? Where are you now?

Hyun Bin: Araso my yeobo,… I am on my ay home but I will drop by to a nearest store to buy something.. I will be there in a short while..

Ha Ji Won: Okay my yeobo, Take Care!! I love you and I can’t wait to see you.. “

Hyun Bin: I love you more my yeobo and I cant wait to kiss you!!!

After few hours of travel.. Binnie arrived  in their apartment holding a bunch of red roses…

(Doorbell Ringing)

Binnie didn’t know his yeoja is preparing something to welcome him and a congratulatory party for his promotion as a Sergeant and a Job well done being the MC of ROK MARINES concert…jiwon prepared a lot of foods and most especially the favorite of his namja Kimchi Fried Rice..Ha Ji Won opened the door and released the confettis she prepared for HB…

Ha Ji Won: Congratulations my yeobo!!! ^_^

Hyun Bin: Wow!!! Thank you my Amazing Woman.. You surprise me!!! Chukahee my yeobo for a job well done on your book… I am so happy to hear all the news about it.. Here’s flowers for you my yeobo…. ^_^ “I am so proud of you my yeobo.. “

Ha Ji Won: I am also proud of you my yeobo…  Come here near to me my Tae-Pyung-aa

Hyun Bin: Yeobo, I am afraid maybe you will make my 5th vertebrae to be 6th…

Ha Ji Won: Come so near to me..

Hyun Bin followed the command of his yeoja.. Without hesitation Jiwon gave Bin a sweet and warm kiss.. Bin directly closed the door of their apartment and continouosly responded all the kisses of his yeoja showered to him… They hugged each other so tight!

HJW: Do you know how I long for this yeobo?? To see you, hug you and kiss you again???

Binnie can’t help it and continouosly kiss his yeoja torridly…

HB: I am always waiting for the day till I will see you my yeoja, to hug you so tightly and will not let you go and to kiss you everyday..

HJW: The day we have been waiting for will come soon my yeobo…

HB: I am excited about it my yeobo because finally after almost two years “I WILL TELL THE WHOLE WORLD HOW MUCH I AM DEEPLY IN LOVE WITH YOU” 

HJW: Things will never be easy soon my yeobo coz we will face a lot of media and answer their questions..

HB: Dont worry my yeobo, I am here with you and we will face them together…I will be here to protect you and I love you…

HJW: I hope we will surpass this my yeobo… I love you too..Yeobo, last night , you did a great job and you are so handsome in your white uniform,,

HB: Thank you so much my yeobo… Have you seen my Co-MC??? She have a hairstyle same like you.. I don’t know why the hairstylist did that and her dress was just the same with yours during your Olay Fansigning,,, I just smiled in the corner coz I remembered you my yeoja..

HJW: I also smile yeobo when I see your co-MC.. She looks like me.. kekekeke… I guess they purposely did that my yeobo.. hehehe.. ^_^ Your fans  is so happy to see you .. I can feel the warmth of the event , even if I wasn’t there. Chukahee my yeobo…

HB: Thank you my yeobo.. During your book press conference my co-soldiers are teasing me there… You are so sexy and beautiful my yeobo with your Alice in Wonderland theme outfit.. Still Sega era my yeobo??

HJW: It is time I have to commemorate SeGa my yeobo coz throught that project.. I have now the mann whom I will spend the rest of my life with,,

HB: Thank you my yeobo, But… I almost wanted to call the Book Conference venue coz they dont provide stairs for you when you get up to the stage and there were a lot of media taking pics of you..

HJW: It is alright my yeobo.. I handle the dress so well and after the event they provided a stairs for me..

HB: Yah yeobo, but your namja is Jealous.. I dont want that you will feel uncomfortable and I want to protect you…

HJW: Don’t worry yeobo… Everything is okay… Yeobo, thank you for clarifying the issue right away about our friend Tang Wei buying a land here in Korea..

HB: You have nothing to thank my yeobo.. As a man I should do my part and I WANT THOSE ISSUES ABOUT TANG WEI WILL END coz I DONT WANT THAT YOU WILL BE WORRIED and I want to have a flawless announcement soon declaring my love to you… My senior also did an interview and I said to him that I dont have a relationship to anybody so everything will be cleared… I am sorry yeobo of those denying times about our relationship…

HJW: Dont worry my yeobo, our status is single and we will maintain it for now and keep this relationship for awhile and soon the whole world will know… Thank you yeobo for doing everything this to me..

HB: Yeobo, I will be forever thankful for having you in my life,, I dont want that you will carry all this on your shoulders.. I am here and I will bear all the things for you…

HJW: Yeobo, I am always ready to sacrifice eveything for you.. By the way yeobo, I have seen your pictures with the lovely Sistar Group… hmmmmm… I am jealous…

HB: Jealous??? Why jealous my yeobo????Those young teenage girls.. The organizers wanted to take pictures with them together,,, As you can see the picture “My hands were at my back my yeobo.. “..

HJW: Hahahaha….  and you explain everyting my yeobo… kekekeke

HB: Aha!! and you are just acting as a jealous one my yeobo… HMmmmm, come here…

HJW: I don’t want..

HB:  1… Come here…

Ha Ji Won started to run and when Hyun Bin finally catched her,,, She can’t get out in the loving arms of Binnie and she finally surrendered… Hyun Bin kissed her from forehead, eyes, nose and lips passionately… and Angels, please continue to imagine what happened.. ^_^ hehehehehe…..

♥♡❤ -The End- ❤♡♥





It will be first year anniversary this month shipping our Amazing Couple.. They never failed to surprise us… Sooner and Later we will see them saying their wedding vows in front of the people who truly support and love them.. I can’t wait to see Jiwon wearing a beautiful white gown with her long hair and with Binnie wearing a tuxedo with his Kim Joo Won hairstyle in their wedding ceremony..

After they get married, I will still continue shipping them till they will have a baby and grandchildren.. This is my first time to ship a couple and definitely I forsee I will never have a heartache… JB angels been through up’s and down for the past 20months. I am truly proud of you all my co-angels for being there through thick and thin… 

I somehow get disappointed, but my angels and dear friends are there to console me.. To all who gave me the information and let me know about Uri Amazing Couple( You know who you are) Thank you very much!!!!!!!….

I am always thankful to all the blogsites and fanpages:

1. Amazing Couple Hyun Bin and Ha Ji Won


3. Secret Garden Korean Drama

4. Jiwonderland

5. and many more..


My great thanks to XY baidu Angels for all their efforts and giving us information that made us fly to the moon..

To all my seniors in SegaFamily, I thank you all for giving me your trust..

To all my JB Angels- Philippines group, I am really thankful for giving our group page a lot of Spirit and being there always..

To all the admins of the FP’s, I joined with thank you for being so accommodating and answering my questions in your free time,,,

To all my JB angels friends online, Thank you very much…


Our Amazing Couple is simply amazing… I am really thankful to them for giving me the gift of friendship to each and everyone,,,





To God be the Glory!! Hallelujah!

After so long that man is always on her mind, then one day they see each other.. 🙂 Love begins…. Fate and Destiny… HB and HJW forever… 🙂

Thank you unnie lavender… 🙂


It will soon be a year that I am shipping this Fab and Lovely Couple Hyun Bin and Ha Ji Won… To be honest, a lot of thoughts here in my mind, but I AM KEEPING MY FAITH BURNING THAT THIS TWO WILL SOON END UP TOGETHER AS HUSBAND AND WIFE…

May God bless you our Amazing Couple Hyun Bin and Ha Ji Won



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