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After so long that man is always on her mind, then one day they see each other.. 🙂 Love begins…. Fate and Destiny… HB and HJW forever… 🙂

Thank you unnie lavender… 🙂


It will soon be a year that I am shipping this Fab and Lovely Couple Hyun Bin and Ha Ji Won… To be honest, a lot of thoughts here in my mind, but I AM KEEPING MY FAITH BURNING THAT THIS TWO WILL SOON END UP TOGETHER AS HUSBAND AND WIFE…

May God bless you our Amazing Couple Hyun Bin and Ha Ji Won



Dear Unnie Lavender,

You make all the JB angels Spirits alive!

Thank you very much.. 🙂

I love this video very much..

and I am so glad that I got to know you..

Thank you for being so warm and sweet to me..


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