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♥ Hyun Bin and Ha Ji Won FanFic: HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY LOVE, JIWON ♥



It was 5:00 o’clock in the afternoon in SEOUL, HJW just finished attending the birthday party organized by her 1023’r fans.. She was so happy all along the celebration but one thing her eyes can’t deny she is a bit sad coz no text message she received from her amazing namja.

Suddenly…her phone rings….. It was her brother Jun Tae Su on the line…

JTS: Unnie, please come here in the house,,, there’s an emergency… Mommmmyyyyyyyyyy………………..


HJW was so scared.. She ask her driver along with her bodyguard and stylists to rush on their home.. In the car she was crying, she can’t contact any family members.. When she reach home, she run so fast until they saw the lights are all close and the door was open. HJW began to tremble and panic what was going on.. It was her birthday, why is it happening to her, she said..

When she was about to turn on the lights an amazing voice is what they hear…

HB: SAENG-il CHU-kah HAM-ni-dah, SAENG-il CHU-kah HAM-ni-dah, SA-rang Ha-neun Jeon Hae Rim-ssi SAENG-il CHU-kah HAM-ni-dah

Along with Hyun Bin—– the family, relatives and their close friends were singing. Ha Ji Won was so surprised! She is crying again. JTS is laughing in the corner of what he did. Binnie was holding a beautiful cake he made personally for his amazing yeoja. The staff of HJW knows all the plan…. Binnie contacted them a week before his yeoja’s birthday.

HJW: KAmsamhamnida to all of you.. I never thought there will be an awesome party like this, I am so afraid what really happened.. Dongseang!!!!!

JTS: Unnie, mianhe I can’t find any alibi to let you rush here at home,

HJW: Aha! You made me cry dongseang ha! Prepare later… (with a big laugh)

Mom and Dad of HJW: Happy Birthday our lovely daughter… Thank you for everything you have done for our family.

Mom and Dad of HB: Happy Birthday to you our future daughter-in-law. Thank you for being part of Binnie’s life. We are happy to have you.

Yoon Sang Hyun and Kim Sa Rang: Happy Birthday HAe Rim. May God bless you..

Kim Sung oh and Yoon In Na: Happy Birthday sunbaenim, chukahee….

Lee Philipps: Happy Birthday Ha Ji Won-ssi

Jang Dong Gun and Go So Young:  Happy Birthday Hae Rim..

JDG&GSY son: Happy Birthday ahjumma,, with a cute grin.

HJW: Thank you so much to all of you Omma’s, Appa’s, my friends YSH, KSR, KSO, YIN,LP, Hyung JDG and Noona GSY and young JDG… 🙂

When it was Binnie’s turn to greet her, HJW can’t help it..She directly hugged HB so tight with her eyes dropping of tears.. Binnie can’t also help it, he can’t hold his tears. Even the guests are also teary.

HB: Happy Birthday my Yeobo Ji Won.

HJW: Thank you my Yeobo. I am so worried the whole day and thought you forget about my birthday.

HB: I intentionally did that yeobo.. I’m so sorry for doing so. You know that I love surprising you..

HJW: You never failed to make me feel so special and happy my love Hyun Bin, Kamsamhamnida my yeobo, I love you..

They can’t resist what they really feel.. They kiss each other in front of their guests,, Everybody was looking at them, it’s like there’s a repeat of the VIP PArty Kiss of Secret GArden .. Every one who witnessed the Birthday PArty Kiss  made their heart flutter and gave them an applause..

YSH: *cough* *cough* araso, araso, Let’s eat now.

HB and HJW :(look so shy) (they just smile sweetly.. *^_____^*) “Let’s start the party!!!!, they said”

Everyone is so happy in the party.. Cakes, Foods, KAraoke accompanied by bonding moments, picture taking ang giving of presents. When the celebration was over, they guests were so tired but have a joyful moment. When everything is fix, HB asked HJW to go with her…

WHen they were inside the car:

HJW: Yeobo, where are we going??

HB: You will see then until we will be there..

HJW: YA!!! Here we go again..

HB: JUst sit back and relax, okay?

It take 30mins for them to reach the place, it was a calm,silent, and romantic place can view the elegant city of SEOUL.

HB: Do you like my gift for you Jiwon?

HJW: I am so delighted and amazed yeobo.. I love the lights, it’s just now we come back again here. Thank you Bin..

HB : I took you here during your birthday last year, but i feel there’s lacking… In 5minutes you will see it my Jiwon.

Binnie was standing at the back of HJW and wrapped his yeoja with a warm hug.. When they start to do the countdown 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, 0

A fireworks display was into the sky, with amazing lights and there were shapes of heart.. Jiwonnie cried so hard..

Binnie let her to face to him and said “Do you love it yeobo?” Ha Ji Won just can’t answer him back and gave him a sweet torrid kiss, They are both crying will kissing each other.They are absolutely longing for each other and when the fireworks display was over.. HB gave her a rectangular  red box.. HJW opened it and she saw a diamond necklace with a pair of earrings and bracelet. Binnie then read his Birthday letter to HJW..

HB: Happy Birthday again my yeobo.. i can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with you. It will be 6 months more till the day come. I know it’s hard for us to kept this relationship because we do want to tell the world we are both in love, I want to protect you and don’t want you to shoulder all alone about this matter.. Soon, we will face them together, I love you so much my yeobo. Take care of your health, Stay beautiful as you are and I am dreaming in my quarters out future little Kim Tae Pyung and Jeon Hae Rim.. Happy Birthday my sweetheart, I love you..♥♡❤♡♥

HJW: I am deeply thankful to be your behalf my Yeobo.. I will take all the risks just to be with you. I am forever thankful to Our Creator, He gave you to me. I was afraid to fall in love again but you were the one He sent to me and let me believe again in LOVE. We will be facing soon a lot of people, I know we will be able to accomplish it and fight for our love.. I am amazed to the fansites I have stalked with they greatly embraced and support us.. Even if we only gave them hints, they are so clever,,,. I don’t know how to repay them. But all I wanna do for the rest of our life I will be your loving wife, your honey, the mother of our kids and your bestfriend.. I will be forever your number one fan.. Please take care always with your duty and I will be patiently waiting for you… You make me feel so special.. Thank you so much my yeobo and I love you very very much..♥♡❤♡♥

HB: My pleasure my yeobo.. Anything for you… ♥♡❤♡♥

Binnie and Jiwonnie continue hugging and kissing each other all throughout the night…. 😛

♥♡❤♡♥ the end ♥♡❤♡♥

P.S. This is just a product of my own imagination what will happen in the 28th for Uri HJW’s birthday. I hope you will have fun reading.. Hwaiting Angels… ♥♡❤♡♥


Kara ♥♡❤♡♥

❤Happy Birthday My Lovely Binnie Fan FIC❤

It’s a beautiful and lovely Tuesday in Seoul….Binnie, Our Amazing Namja have finsihed his rehearsal for the SOLDIER’S CEREMONY.When Binnie was about to go home.. 

Inside the car:

Driver: Annyeong Sir, How’s The rehearsal???

Hyun Bin: The rehearsal went well … We practice the drills and my speech for the program..

Driver: That’s good.. Break A Leg for tomorrow.. Fighting!!!

Binnie noticed something,,, The driver’s voice isn’t the same with the other one.. The driver is wearing a black cap, dark sunglasses, thickened jacket to make the body bulky and long pants..

Binnie suddenly said

Hyun Bin: Stop the car!

Driver: Why Sir?? Something wrong with my driving? Are we going to another place??

Hyun Bin: I think you are not my driver…

Driver: I am your driver.. (HJW keeping her voice to be in male tone)

Hyun Bin: Oh Really??? I think No.,, I am 100% sure that I know you…

Binnie then get out from the back seat of the car and transferred in front…

HJW: (on tensed) @_@

HB: From the form of your kissable and sweet lips, the tips of your fingers, your nose, and your pink cheeks.. I know it’s you MY AMAZING YEOJA JEON HAE RIM

HJW: Arggggghhh!!! you got me yeobo!

HB: Hahahaha… Then Binnie gave his yeoja a kiss on her lips..

HJW: I thought my diguise is pretty cool but still you recognized me..

HB: Even if you will put a lot of clothes, put wig, mustache or anything… I will always recognized you my yeobo..

HJW: Did I surprised you my yeobo???

HB: I was waiting for your call after the rehearsal, but I got nothing.. I want to fetch you in the location site of Three Joseon Musketeers..

HJW: Sorry yeobo, I really want to surprise you.. So, I contacted your driver… to.. to…

HB: to what???

HJW: To… So…. I can spend this day with you…. (feeling so shy)

HB: Is that so??? My driver will get punishment , I mean a reward later from me…

HJW: You are really the “King OF Jerks” Yeobo..

HB: I am always be.. That’s why I got you.. ^_^ So, where are we going now my yeobo??

HJW: Just seat back and relax.. We are going to your apartment,,,

HB: Ahhh,,, I do miss the house, Omma, Appa, Hyung and the Kiddos….

HJW: Actually yeobo, mom, dad, hyung and kiddos are not around in the house… kekekekeke.. ~I get permission from them so I will spend a few hours with you,,… After that we will go to them coz they prepare a special dinner for you… Is it alright with you honey??

HB: Ahhhh… and you talk to mom and dad… Hmmmnnn.,, should I answer your question yeobo??? Ofcourse,I want to spend with you not just now but for a lifetime..

HJW: We will be together AS ONE my yeobo…

When they arrived in the multi-million apartment,,,…. Binnie was surprised that the house was filled of balloons, candles and with red rose petals…. In the living room Binnie see a white screen monitor with ” HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MY LOVELY BINNIE” written on it.. Then Jiwon get the BIRTHDAY CAKE of Binnie and she sang…..


Tears of Binnie can’t help it and Jiwonnie herself,,,

HJW: Happy Birthday my Yeobo Tae Pyung.. Chukahee.. Saranghae..

HB: and You made me cry and surprised again my yeoja,,, Kamsahamnida Yeobo, I love you too very much..

HJW: Welcome my yeobo, Blow the candles and make a wish… 🙂

Binnie then blow the candles on his cake..

HJW: This is not only my surprise for you…Let’s sit and take a look of the videos I prepared for you,,…

The contents of the videos are their pictures together, at home, in the beach, cooking and special events/gatherings of their two families.. After the pictures has been shown.. The message of Jiwon was heard..

HJW: I am thankful I have special someone like you in my life who is there for me through thick and thin.. Because of you my life has changed my yeobo, Thank you for the love and the joy you bring,, Happy 30th Birthday My baby love Binnie… I love you very much with all my heart and my soul..

Binnie turned to be speechless.. All he did was hugged her so tightly, kiss her forehead, nose and eventually give a Kiss in the lips of Ha Ji Won.. They both cried while kissing each other intimately… Binnie then whispered to her ear: “THANK YOU VERY MUCH MY YEOBO, THANK YOU FOR MAKING MY BIRTHDAY AGAIN, EXTRA SPECIAL.. “I LOVE YOU VERY MORE THAN YOU’LL EVER KNOW” … Then Jiwonnie touched Binnie’s lips with her fingers and replied him with A SWEET, GENTLE TO TORRID KISS….

♥♡❤  THE END ❤♡♥



Because of You MV (Secret Garden after 2years)

Dear Unnie Lavender,

You make all the JB angels Spirits alive!

Thank you very much.. 🙂

I love this video very much..

and I am so glad that I got to know you..

Thank you for being so warm and sweet to me..


We Are Family

In family life, love is the oil that eases friction, the cement that binds closer together, and the music that brings harmony.

Eva Burrows

 Families are the compass that guide us. They are the inspiration to reach great heights, and our comfort when we occasionally falter.

Brad Henry

They are my life, my refuge, my strength and my love..

I love you so much my lovely and valuable treasures…

My Fascination About Uri Amazing Couple FanFics



On the theater…. HJW texting Hyun Bin

HJW: Yeobo!!! Surprise!!!!! I’m here!! I’ll be your fan now… 🙂 I miss you so…. I can’t wait to see you.. I love you my yeobo.. ♥

HB: Yeobo! Why you didn’t listen to me? I said to you that it will be fine with me that you can’t come because of the long period of time travelling from the US to here.. You are a such hard headed one.. Prepare my punishment later.. Kekekeke.. But I’m so so happy yeobo that you are here to support me.. That’s so sweet of you.. I feel so anxious right now, because our film will finally be shown, I’m afraid what will be the feedback of the fans.. 😦
I miss you that much and you know that I love you too yeobo..
HJW: Yeobo, you know that I can’t take not to be here. I’ve attended all the premiere nights of our dear friends in the industry and for you I can’t??? No, No, No.. I should be here.. The trip was just fine, you have nothing to worry about.. By the way yeobo, I didn’t walked in the red carpet.. Hehehehe.. And you know what there are so many fans outside when I came and our dear friends is also here.. Don’t be anxious yeobo, your film will have a good feedback and I’m sure it will be a DAEBAK.. Ofcourse ! It will be because my “cool” and “suave” Hyun Bin-ssi is there.. ♥ I’ll send my hugs and loads of flying kisses to you my LOVING MAN.. ♥
HB: Jinja?! I catch your flying kiss yeobo..♥ ♥ ♥ It made me feel high.. ♥ Thank you so much yeobo for uplifting my Spirit.. That’s what I miss you every single day.. I miss your smile.. I can’t wait to see you yeobo.. I’m glad that the fans and good friends in the industry are here, I owe to them a lot.. I’m so happy now because you are here, the fans and our friends.. 🙂 By the way yeobo.. Where are you sitting at??
HJW: *smiling* That’s the Spirit Yeobo!! I’m here sitting next to our dear friend Kim Sa Rang.. 🙂 I’m wearing my favorite vintage t-shirt and guess what’s my hairstyle now?? Same with GRI.. ^^ Because I know you love this one..
HB:Uhum.. You make me miss you so much more my yeobo.. Wait, the staff tell us now to be ready.. We will be going inside the theater.. I’ll see you in just a minute.. I can’t wait to have a dinner with you.. I wanna hug you so tight.. I miss the warm of your touch.. ♥
HJW: same here yeobo.. I’ll see you then.. Mwah.. :* ♥ Wear your smile and confidence.. ♥ If you hear the people CHEERING, I’m one of them okay?? I’m so proud of you my Hyun Bin-ssi.. Finally, I will see my Honey, My Love,so sweet.. Mwah.. ♥

P.S: this is just my wild imagination of what happened in the L.A Premiere.. I hope you have fun reading it JB angels..

Happy 1st Year Anniversary LA Premiere.. This is one of the evidences that there is something going on between them.. 🙂 Hwaiting patiently to their announcement soon.. Aja! Aja! Fighting!.. ♥




HB: Finally yeobo, we are here.. I’m so happy to see you… ♥ You are more and more beautiful..

HJW: Yeobo, you make me giggle here; stop fluttering me it made me blush… *^.^*

HB: You know how much you mean to me.. I can’t stop myself telling you how beautiful you are in my eyes.. ♥

HJW: Thank you my yeobo, you are more and more handsome too… When you enter the theater it made my heart beat so fast, I wanna run to you and give my warmest hug and kisses to you.. I’ve seen you looking left to right, do you have a hard time looking for me??HB: we have the same thoughts yeobo, I forgot to be a gentleman to our friend Tang Wei.. Really yeobo, I still feel anxious, I was looking from left to right because you didn’t tell me that you are in the center sitting, I’m looking for KSR.. But when I see your SWEETEST SMILE AND YOUR GRI HAIRSTYLE my HEART IS JUMPING SO HIGH… YOU ARE MY ECSTACY.. ♥

HJW: I gave you my SWEETEST SMILE BECAUSE I KNOW YEOBO that YOU MISSED IT.. I can see the sparkle of hearts in your EYES when I was looking at you…

HB: Yeobo, my eyes is only for you and you can’t question why you see some hearts because you are the one in my eyes only..You know yeobo during the our interview, I didn’t paid attention,,, coz I am really excited to see you… I even put my eyes in the ceiling and look at my watch.. I think they caught me with what I did, but I can’t stop myself thinking about you waiting for me.. I bursted out laughing when the MC let us do the “MUNJAWASHONG” they really know how to catch my attention COZ IT REMINDS ME OF YOU.. I CANT STOP SMILING..

HJW: You did that?? Yeobo, you make me feel to cry.. I wanna hug you right now but there’s so many media surrounding us… wait, I’ll gonna give them my warmest wave first.. (HJW waved)

HB: That’s what I adore you, you have a warm heart to other people.. That’s a sweet thing of you yeobo.. Uhmmm,, I’m happy that you are wearing the ring yeobo..

HJW: HB-SSI, you make me fluttered again, and this ring I always wear it coz it reminds me of you straight to my heart.. ♥ Seeing you again makes my heart so JOYOUS, but I will feel sad for a couple of weeks again coz it will be you have to leave for BERLIN..

HB: Yeobo, don’t be sad.. I’ll be back as quick as I can.. If only I can cancelled all my agreements just for you I will, but I have to do this for our future and I’m going to the enlistment soon that makes me so sad thinking about it.. But yeobo, let’s not talk about that, we will make the days and time memorable for us,, Cheer up okay? I don’t want to see you so sad and crying.. It made me feel the same way too.. Don’t worry yeobo, I will buy something special for you, I know you love “leopard bags” I will see some stores there and buy it for you…

HJW: Thank you yeobo, my wish and prayer is for us to be together for a long period of time.. But I understand our work, I respect you and I love you,, I will patiently wait for you same as how patiently you wait for me..

HB: That’s it yeobo, we will still continue to communicate, I will text and call you often when I’ll be there, for now let’s enjoy our dinner.. we will still have our SEGA COMMENTARY next month I’m excited about that,,

HJW: I’m excited about the SEGA COMMENTARY too yeobo, I hope our fans will love it.. By the way ADVANCE HAPPY VALENTINES DAY YEOBO.. I LOVE YOU…


P.S: this is just my wild imagination of what happened in the L.A Premiere DINNER .. I hope you have fun reading it JB angels..


It’s a beautiful and cold breezy morning in Seoul, South Korea. The Amazing Yeoja woke up because of an unknown phone call..

(Kring…. Kring.. Kring)

Jiwon: (she picked up the phone) Anyeong haseyo. Who’s this please?
Bin: Guess who? Hehehe..(trying to change his voice)

Jiwon: Aha! Yeobo Hyun Bin-ssi?:’) (with a teary eye and shaky voice)
Bin: NO! hehehehe

Jiwon: Jinja?! Even though you will try to change your voice I will still recognized you my yeobo.
Bin: I’m so glad to hear that from you my yeobo.uhmm

Ji won: Why you call now? I am expecting you will call me on weekend, I prepared myself already for this day that I cant receive a call from you because of your tough duty in the marines, You surprise me. (tears fell down on her rosy white cheeks)
Bin: You know how important you are in my life my yeobo,. I cant forgive myself not to call you on this special day. Even if I’ve waited for so long to take my turn in calling, but it’s fine with me, as long as I hear your voice my tiredness and longingness will fade away. “HAPPY VALENTINES DAY MY YEOBO” I LOVE YOU AND I MISS YOU SO MUCH.

Jiwon: (*crying*) YOU REALLY WANNA MAKE ME CRY MY HYUN BIN-SSI! KAMSAMHAMNIDA MY YEOBO.. If only I can visit you in the headquarters or demand from your officer to let you have a vacation I’ll do it. “HAPPY VALENTINES DAY TOO MY YEOBO, I LOVE YOU TOO AND I MISS YOU THAT MUCH”
Bin: (*crying* BUT TRIED NOT TO LET HJW FEEL THAT HE IS CRYING) My yeobo, don’t cry so hard. Okey? If only I can wipe your tears now, I don’t want your eyes to be puffy again.. If only I can be there beside you my yeobo.. By the way yeobo, I HAVE A SURPRISE FOR YOU.. so YOU BETTER SMILE NOW.. ARE YOU SMILING NOW?

Bin: That’s great.. I can imagine now your lovely and sweetest smile..

Jiwon: Yeobo, what’s your surprise for me?
Bin: You wanna know it now?

Jiwon: Ofcourse my yeobo. I’m excited about it.. KYAKK!
Bin: I miss your KYAK!! My yeobo, it reminds me of our SEGA DAYS.

Jiwon: Nah! Yeobo! What’s your surprise for me? (excited and giggling)
Bin: Okay.. I know you are still on your bed so get up now..

Jiwon: (Get’s up from the bed) I’m up!

Jiwon: I’m going down now my yeobo.. WHAT’S YOUR SURPRISE FOR ME? PLEASE TELL ME…
Jiwon: I’m here in the door and I’ll open it.


(HJW on the state of shock, she cant believe what she saw, she embraced Hyun Bin so tight and give him a warm kiss on the lips..)

Bin: (tears fell down from his eyes) YOU KNOW THAT I DON’T WANT YOU TO BE ALONE ON THIS DAY. Remember, LAST LA PREMIERE you managed to go there even though you just came from the US. IT’S MY TURN TO DO IT NOW.

Bin: It’s my pleasure my yeobo.. I’m here now and I’ll spend it with you. Our officer gave me a two day’s vacation and I did my best to have this.

Jiwon: I have nothing more to say my yeobo. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart and the lovely gift I received this special day is YOU.
Bin: My pleasure yeobo.. Stop crying now.. I’ve heard you will have a photoshoot later. I don’t want that they will see your eyes so puffy. Do well in your pictorial okay?? Aja!

Jiwon: They are used already my Binnie to see my puffy eyes.. I will do my best in the photoshoot.
Bin: Maybe they will think that I always make you cry..

Jiwon: Ofcourse not. I know they’ll understand me in the right time.
Bin: okay my yeobo, so you better prepare now for the pictorial, I’ll be waiting for you and we will have a date later..

Jiwon: Okay my yeobo, but let me first……….
They embraced each other so tight and gave each other a romantic and passionate kiss.. ♥ ♥ ♥


Thank you all for reading this fanfic, I hope it brings joy to each one of you.. ♥

AJA! AJA! Fighting JB ANGELS..


♥♡❤♡♥ From Seoul to Japan with Love Fan Fic (HYUN BIN + HA JI WON) ♥♡❤♡♥

Once upon a time in the Kingdom of Seoul, Amazing Woman Jeon Hae Rim wake up in a lovely morning with a BIG SURPRISE..

HJW: Aiyaa!!!!! It’s a wonderful morning!! Whew..

(And when she was bout to get up from bed, she noticed someone is snoring… when she opened the blanket, she was surprised, her eyes got big and screammmmmmmmmmm!!!!)

HJW: Yeobo Hyun Bin-ssi!!!!!(tears fell down from her eyes)

(Hyun Bin opened his eyes)

HB: Jinja! Yeobo, you see that I’m sleeping and your screaming like a baby… (saying in a teasing manner)

HJW: (pinched Hyun Bin in the side of his abdomen).. Who will not scream and shout for joy knowing that you are here my yeobo..

HB: Haven’t you noticed when I opened the door? I even kissed you in your forehead, you are deeply asleep and I heard you are mentioning my name.. Yeobo Tae Pyung… Yeobo Tae Pyung.. You missed me a lot Yeobo?? Dont cry now..(HB wipe her tears)

HJW: Should it be asked my yeobo?? I missed you every single moment of the day.. Not being with you for almost 2months and gazed with your pictures makes me crazy and eager to see you… It’s totally different if your presence is here,,..

HB: Hmmmnn… is it true? Ehem.. i even see you happy with Seung Gi during filming.. That man should keep distance from you.. I have so many eyes in the set. (acting like jealous)

HJW: Yeobo!! Here we go again.. You are jealous.. Trust me,, I treat LSG as my dongseang and he treats me like a noona.. It’s different from our SEGA Filming..

HB: I know.. I know.. I just want to make sure .. coz nobody should touch you except me..and I already warned LSG to step back..

HJW: Yeobo!!!

HB: Yeah, I called him once, I talked with him man to man and…

HJW: and what????

HB: I said the real score between us..


HB: Okay enough with this topic, I am just teasing you.. hahahahaha… I will be glad soon coz I will be able to see you again in the TV screen… Not only during Wednesday and Thursday, I have picture of you that I always see when I wake up, when i’m in pain and before I sleep at night..

HJW:(crying) Yeobo, I am doing my very best in filming and guess what there’s a scene wherein I will do comments to those HALLYU ACTORS we are friends with… and…

HB: am i included??

HJW: Ofcourse my yeobo, I said to the writers and to our director tha you should be there.. You are one of the top actors here in korea.. Not only because of that.. The main reason is “YOU ARE MY MAN” and I want to give a hint to our LOVELY FANS so they will not be worry about us..

HB: That’s a good idea yeobo, with this we will slowly but surely come out. I miss our fans out there, soon I will repay all the love they give to me not only before but until now… I’m forever grateful to them all..  Hmmmmnn.. so what’s your line you will have for me in that scene???

HJW: You must watch it my yeobo.. It will surprise you..

HB: Aigoo. Aigoo.. Aigoo.. I’ll just wait for it.. Hmmn. It seems like you loose weight.. I am so worried in the barracks and i want to go out immediately just to take care of you..

HJW: yeobo, though I’m receiving IV drips, after that I feel great already.. You have nothing to worry about.. I am also worried regarding your health, please take care of it okay??

HB: I understand you my yeobo.. We feel the same way… If only we can make time run so fast..

HJW: Yeobo, I know the right time will soon to come.. I am always here waiting for you and you are here in my HEART..

HB: Yes yeobo, but I just can’t hide the pain I’m feeling everytime we are apart (tears fell down from Binnie’s eyes..)

HJW: Yeobo, we can bear all the pain.. Don’t worry your training will end so soon… (she gave HB a tight hug)

HB: I deeply miss you my yeobo.. 😥  I am so sad again coz it is just this day we can be together and you’ll be leaving for Japan tomorrow..

HJW:( Let her fingertips touch HB’s lips, let him stop to speak).. Yeobo, I miss you too so badly.. I don’t want to see you crying before I leave.. Let’s make this day a long and memorable one..

HB: ( He get something in his pocket, a small box) Here is my present for you my yeobo so that you’ll have something to bring in Japan, it feels like I am with you..

HJW: What is this my yeobo??

HB: Open it..

HJW: Omo!! It’s an owl brooch and with a star again.. Thank you my yeobo Hyun Bin-ssi…

HB: I am giving you again that one again coz an owl dont sleep at night and it delivers a message.. Just think the owl is me, everytime you sleep, I’ll be there watching you and always say “I LOVE YOU”.. and the Star it’s because “YOU ARE MY ONE AND ONLY SHINING STAR OF MY BEAUTIFUL LIFE”

HJW: Thank you my yeobo.. I love you… 

HB: I love you too my yeobo..

HJW: I should put this one in my bag.. I will wear it in one of my activities there.. I hope we can be there together my yeobo to promote “SECRET GARDEN”

HB: Yeobo??

HJW: Yeahh Yeobo??

They both look at each other, eyes-to-eyes.. Hyun Bin let his body to be closer to Ha Ji Won.. Our amazing yeoja just cant move.. Hyun Bin hold her tightly,.. she can’t resist Hyun Bin’s appeal.. He started to kiss his yeoja from the forehead and when he reached the lips of HJW, she responded and they are both on fire… 


P.S. This is just a product of my craziest imagination for our amazing couple… Hope you will have fun reading my lovely angels my simple fanfic.. Aja! Aja! Hwaiting!!!Fighting!!!

I’m Going Nuts

I am a certified Korean Drama Fanatic since in my High School Days but I was

first mesmerized to Meteor Garden, the Hunky F4 dudes that I feel in love with..

I remember that I should go home at 4pm just to watch it and I should not miss even one single episode of it.

I wish I am San Chai… kekekekeke


who can ever forget about LOVERS IN PARIS one of the top Korean Drama in South Korea and number 1 in Philippines during it’s airing.

Goodness Gracious I cried, laugh and fall in love with the plot of drama.. I wish I  can visit Paris soon, One of the Romantic place in the Universe


When I was here in Riyadh my friend convinced me again to watch Kdrama, I was kinda hesitant to do it again here but I said “Ok, I’ll try..” then what a Bang!! I was hooked to Lie to Me and I can’t let it go just by that.. But I am not satisfied with the ending I want to see the wedding ceremony not just narrated it at the end, sighhhh…. The Cola Kiss was OMG!


The next Korean Drama that I watched was Secret Garden, My close friend was the one who introduced it to me. She said try to watch it Kar, you will definitely like it but the lead male actor is not that handsome.. i was like, “ok, i will try then”

Then OMG! I searched Hyun Bin first before I watched it then I said to my friend HB is handsome and I send the pictures to her and she agreed with me, No Doubt! HB is ooooooooooverrrrrrrrrrrllllllllllyy handsommmmmmmmmmeeeeee

On the other hand I know Ha Ji Won since in Memories of Bali but I haven’t watch this Kdrama because I was afraid that time when I was in college seeing the blood in the early episode of it. I find HJW as a woman with a lot of charisma and enthusiasm. She’s a fashion icon! woooh, gorgeous!

I have watched this drama for 5days with sleepless nights, It was around the last week of November 2011 when I started to watch this and all i can say this drama made me ship them as a real couple for around 7months now… My favorite scene in this drama was the VIP Party kiss,woooow, it was super romantic that i wanna be Gil Ra Im that time just to kiss Kim Joo Won. aigoooooo! This scene cheered me up when I was so down and let me know true love still exists now!

The Honeymoon Scene electrified me to death, woooh, 6hours of rehearsal for that it was Oh My God, were there lips worn out?? Why there’s a need of the towel???hahahaha.. 😀

The famous Cappuccino  Foam Kiss with only one take! Hyun Binnie was so awesome for that! I wanna try the Foam Kiss soon, where’s my namja by the way?

Next is Heartstrings , when I saw this Kdrama I felt like I’m teenager again, Jung Yong Hwa and Park Shin Hye are my favorites they have a brilliant voice… 🙂 I wish to see them again with another tandem in a more matured role..

Playful Kiss/ Mischievous Kiss actually I was not satisfied with Oh Ha Ni’s acting (sorry but I am speaking the truth)  I want to end up punching my laptop screen, hahahaha, too much of me but I must say the whole story made me giggle and inlove to it..

City Hunter’s Lee Min Ho and Park Min Young was the first Kdrama I watched with a lot of action, The Pink Trousers of Lee Min Ho  looks so sexy at him, I hope LMH and PMY will date again.. hehehehe

The Moon That Embraces The Sun this Kdrama is the first one whom I finished watching with hanbok costumes of them, My heart is breaking in each scenes of this wonderful drama,

Your Love

you’re the one that never lets me sleep
to my mind, down to my soul you touch my lips
you’re the one that i can’t wait to see
with you here by my side i’m in ecstasy

i am all alone without you
my days are dark without a glimpse of you
but now that you came into my life
i feel complete
the flowers bloom, my morning shines
and i can see

your love is like the sun
that lights up my whole world
i feel the warmth inside
your love is like the river
that flows down through my veins
i feel the chill inside

every time i hear our music play
reminds me of the things that we’ve been through
in my mind i can’t believe it’s true
but in my heart the reality is you

i am all alone without you
my days are dark without a glimpse of you
but now that you came into my life
i feel complete
the flowers bloom, my morning shines
and i can see

your love is like the sun
that lights up my whole world
i feel the warmth inside
your love is like the river
that flows down through my veins
i feel the chill inside

This song make my heart cry.. cry because of joy.. if somebody will sing this in front of me even personally or through a video camera that man is oooooozzzzzzingllllllly my forever man of my life…

i pray for my future baby soon.. 🙂

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